The new technology of pressing and removing the resin.
Open production in Sumy and Kharkov.
Read more:http://news.bau.ua/20140907/toplivnye-brikety-otkrytieЭкологически pure material ( forest Chernivtsi oblast, Sumy oblast Cherkasy region  Kiev region. p.g.t.Ukrainka) 

use of briquettes:
- all types of heating equipment on solid fuel boilers, furnaces, fireplaces);
perfect fuel for baths and saunas. Almost no other fuel does not allow such an effective heat bath of compliance with environmental and sanitary requirements;
- in practice, better and more convenient charcoal when cooking shashlik and barbecue;
the briquettes can be used wherever required high temperature resistant smokeless flame, long burning (up to 1 hour) and gives long-term heat (even up to 1 hour), and not leaving after combustion is virtually no waste.
the briquettes can be stored almost indefinitely indoors, protected from the weather.
The following types of packing fuel briquettes:
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