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Thermally treated wood (thermowood, Thermomodified wood)
Wood processing at high temperatures (170-220 С) changes the chemical and physical properties of wood. Changing the properties is due termomodifitsirovaniya process). Thermowood, thermowood - heat treated wood - without the use of any chemicals, which allows us to complete this ecological material.

The main properties of thermo-wood
Moisture - thermowood in times less moisture gains compared with normal wood, does not rot and does not lose its shape when exposed to moisture.
Enhanced dimensional stability. When exposed to moisture and temperature thermal timber geometric dimensions remain stable. Such a timber does not change the geometry, not shrink or swell.
Resistance to biological attack. Due to changes passed during the heat treatment of wood becomes resistant to fungi and insects.
Increased durability. Thermo resistance to moisture, temperature changes, fungus and insect longevity has increased ten times in comparison to normal wood.
Low thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of thermal timber decreased by 20% compared with normal wood.
Aesthetics and practicality thermowood colors darker, with extreme depth of color change - if this color changes to the entire thickness of the board, with the identification of the wood grain.