BLOCKBOARD  16 х 650 х 2500 мм
BLOCKBOARD 16 х 650 х 2500 мм
Brand: LLC AMT
Brand: LLC AMT
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Dimensions: 16 x 650 x 2500 mm
composition :
- core - coniferous timber
- outer 2-layer birch veneer.

Separate receipt of applications for veneering - Oak Ash.

Blockboard   -   board consisting of natural wood and in texture resembling a solid mass of wood, in which between two layers of peeled veneer Birch, Oak, Ash, Alder, 1.5 mm thick and glued in 2-3 layers.
The core of the plate consists of blocks of coniferous wood, glued together. In addition, the board can be veneered outside with a veneer of different types of wood, Oak, Ash, .. thickness 0.6 mm - 1.5 mm

The joiner plate is a much lighter, environmentally friendly, durable and durable material for furniture, steps, doors, windows and other products compared to MDF and chipboard.

For sale is a carpenter of the European ecological standard E1 of our production.

The density of this plate is 550-650 kg / m3

- furniture manufacturing
- building
- Sheathing and construction
- design works

Price -  750 eur/m.3

Terms of delivery - FCA