* PELLETS - oak,pine,alder
Fuel Granules( pellets )are different from the usual high-dry wood (moisture content of 8-12 %, and the humidity of raw wood - 30-50 %) and greater - about one and a half times the density than wood. These qualities provide a high calorific value compared to wood chips or wood - burning tons of pellets stands about 3.5 thousand kW·h heat one and a half times more than conventional wood.

Low humidity is not the only advantage of pellets as fuel, but the problem of their production. Drying can be one of the main items of expenditure in the production of fuels from waste wood. In addition, depending on the production, collection, sorting, and cleaning materials can cause additional costs. The drying process is important to carefully plan that will reduce the risks associated with the quality of the finished product, its cost and hazard of production. The best option is the production of biofuels from dry chips.