Firewood Beech Oak Hornbeam
Brand: LLC AMT
Brand: LLC AMT
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Firewood chopped, raw material Hornbeam (photo - quality will be here is firewood and boxes .. !!!)
photo corresponds to the production, which will supply the party)
- Quality on pallets in boxes 2 RM .
Humidity KD drying chamber
the split - 20-25%
D - split 8 - 16 cm

length  25 cm 33 cm -

FCA - 75 eur / box  (2RM)

Warehouses (Customs) - Lutsk, Kovel (Volyn region).
Delivery volumes - 2-3 cars per week.

The procedure for delivery and payment:

Payments under the contract to the Seller (is ~ 80% of the product -Total payments)
- Into the customs documents,
We will give you a document:
1. you or your representative in your hands
2. Scan or make copies - CMR, customs declaration, invoice, packing list,
photo machines and goods (numbered cars) - by e-mail.

- We are waiting for your payment (confirmation - a scan of SWIFT - payment)
Goods for and pass the driver - the original documents (CMR, customs declaration, invoice, packing list)

Vehicles (2-a variant):
1. We will offer - a car (transport) - you check this company and
sign her contract on direct transport services (we'll look for transport,
We make out a contract with a transport company and pass you by e-mail -
- The payment in this case - mostly cash - the driver in a warehouse after receiving the goods in your warehouse
2. Your transport - we ship the goods and conduct customs clearance of goods - are waiting for the payment and
pass your driver to the original documents.

DAP, DDU, CIF .. - do not offer.

We are waiting for proposals from you, you will answer all the questions.

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