Edged Board siepelunga and dry
Brand: LLC AMT
Brand: LLC AMT
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The height of 30-50 mm, humidity 7-18% (KD)
1-2-3 grades
calibrated, grades 1-2
Height - 15-22-25 mm, humidity 7-18% (KD)

1-2-3-4 sort.
calibrated, 1-2 sort.

Width - 20 - 500 mm
Length - 300 - 6000 mm

Board cut oak,alder,pine,spruce,Smereka and construction sliepina and dry 


*Certificate of origin of timber and production of these lumber for action thereon export operations. 
*Phytosanitary certificate. 
*All documents for customs clearance.
1. Edged Board, oak,alder,pine,spruce,Smereka, length up to 6 m cross-section( approx. Specifications )
2. Paperwork, loading of goods, customs services,
Shipment of goods is carried out on FCA DDP FOB  terms (according to Incoterms 2010) from the warehouse of destination
Edged Board is widely used for exterior construction and interior decoration. Especially it is often used for flooring because it is an environmentally friendly, visually attractive and relatively inexpensive lumber. Widely used Board cut in roofing, for rough binder floors, ceilings, making cages for partitions.